Season 14

28 Episodes, Originally Broadcast 2014 - 2015

Season 14 -Teaser

When we last saw the Degrassi students, a super-storm hit Toronto and sparks flew at Degrassi! We left Miles and Tristan kissing in the Hollingsworth mansion; Zoë and Maya fighting in The Dot; Drew and Becky sharing an intimate moment in the boiler room; and an injured Clare came face-to-face with Eli in New York City.

In season 14, the students are in recovery mode – for the school and for themselves. It’s a fresh start for some students and a new, more complicated year for others. Every moment counts as the Juniors fight hard to secure their place and the Seniors give it their all to make it to graduation—and prepare for life after Dregrassi.


Miles and Tristan - Smells Like Teen Spirit - Degrassi

Clare confides in Alli and Jenna that she’s pregnant– but how will she break the news to the baby’s father? Zoe seeks revenge after Becky won’t let her join the Power Cheer team. Meanwhile, Miles and Tristan are dating, but a disapproving Mr. Hollingsworth fears their relationship will compromise his campaign.

Miles - Degrassi - Season 14 - Wise Up

Mr. Hollingsworth tries to win Miles’ support in order to protect his campaign image– but does he really accept Miles’ sexual orientation? Drew is determined to make things work between him, Becky and Clare. After being rejected by Zig, Zoe decides she is done with chasing boys.

Imogen, Becky and Jack - If You Could Only See - Degrassi

Frankie feels there’s a double standard between boys and girls, which gives Zoe the perfect fundraising idea– but does Frankie approve? Maya fears Miles is going down a destructive path and searches for ways to help. Meanwhile, Becky is determined to get over Drew and turn a new leaf.

Winston, Tristan and Miles - Can't Stop This Thing We Started - Degrassi

Clare tries to muster up the courage to tell Eli about her baby with Drew– but will it ruin her future with Eli? With Miles dating Tristan, Winston feels left out and tries to spend some alone time with his bff, Miles. Meanwhile, a normally confident Zig feels emasculated when he loses an arm wrestle to Grace.

Eli, Clare and Drew - There's Your Trouble - Degrassi

Despite her efforts, Becky still struggles to forgive Luke for his crime and finds a much needed distraction in a new band. Zoe misuses her title as Power Cheer captain and loses the team’s trust– can she win their forgiveness?  Meanwhile, Eli still cares about Clare and wants Drew out of the picture!

Hunter, Frankie and WInston - (You Drive Me) Crazy - Degrassi

Maya is debilitated by her nightmares of Cam and worries that Miles will hurt himself — does she need professional help? Jack reveals to Imogen that she practices polyamory and Imogen tries to accept Jack’s way of life. Meanwhile, Frankie finds some disturbing comics on Hunter’s computer.

Mike Dallas and Alli - I'll Be Missing You - Degrassi

Zoe gets threatening texts about Degrassi Nudes from an anonymous person– will her secret fundraiser be exposed?  After Miles bails on his history presentation,  a worried Tristan discovers that Miles has an illegal vice. Meanwhile, Alli is accepted into Cambridge University and Dallas fears that it could mean the end of their relationship.

Eli, Becky and Jonah - Hush - Degrassi

Miles is addicted to marijuana and so Tristan organizes an intervention– but will it only push Miles further away? Zoe is certain that Hunter is the anonymous blackmailer behind Degrassi Nudes and the Power Cheer team confronts him directly. Meanwhile, Becky and Jonah are jiving musically,  but Drew grows increasingly jealous of their relationship.

1409 - Something's Got To Give

Drew is committed to keeping Becky happy and desperately tries to balance his attention between her and Clare. After Miles’ car accident, Maya lies in order to protect him– but how far is she willing to go? Meanwhile, Imogen is determined to find out who is behind Degrassi Nudes for Degrassi TV.

Miles and Tristan - Hero vs. Villain - Degrassi

With rumours circulating, Mr. Simpson calls an assembly regarding Degrassi Nudes and the Power Cheer team believes Frankie is behind the leak– will Frankie take the fall? After Tristan stages an intervention for Miles, Miles pulls away and Tristan fears their connection is fading. Meanwhile, Clare tells Alli a secret about her pregnancy– but can Alli  keep the news to herself?

Zig and Tiny - Firestarter - Degrassi

After Power Cheer gets busted for Degrassi Nudes, Zoe throws Frankie under the bus and Frankie finds herself in hot water with Mr. Hollingsworth– will she cost him the election? To win a bet against Grace and Maya, Zig and Tiny compete for a cheerleader’s phone number and things don’t go as planned.  Meanwhile, Clare is determined to manage her academic future with being a mother.

Hunter, Frankie and Miles - Firestarter, Part 2 - Degrassi

Things heat up at Degrassi! With the election days away, a tense Mr. Hollingsworth lashes out against his family and Miles stands up to his father once and for all. After getting blamed for Degrassi Nudes, Frankie hatches a plan to prove Zoe’s guilt.  Meanwhile, Imogen spills Clare’s big news to Eli– but is Eli ready to be a father?

6. Drew, Becky. 1413. New Header

After ‘Degrassi Nudes,’ the school gets a new principal and a new set of strict rules. Becky and Jonah pitch a lunchtime variety show to Student Council President, Drew—but a jealous Drew disapproves of Becky’s relationship with Jonah. Winston is having doubts about his status as the “funny guy” and decides to prove his hilarity at the variety show. Meanwhile, Zoe is stuck in detention with an annoying bully.

7. Zig, Damon. 1414. (COVER)

Winston and Frankie hold auditions for Degrassi’s new musical “Captain Who” and Lola nails her performance—but can Winston and Lola work together after their secret fling? Zig seeks revenge for Tiny’s stabbing and a worried Maya tries to keep Zig out of trouble. Meanwhile, Clare works to ensure her and Eli remain strictly platonic co-parents.

8. Frankie. 1415.

It’s Frankie’s birthday and Mr. Hollingsworth returns to celebrate with the birthday girl—but is Frankie ready to forgive and forget? Maya takes a spa day to ease her stress and doesn’t have any girlfriends to take! When Damon harasses Imogen and Jack for being lesbian, an angry Imogen fights back—but what about Jack?

7. Tristan, Zoe. 1416. (COVER)

To show she’s sorry for ‘Degrassi Nudes’, Zoe volunteers for lunch duty at school—but it’ll take more than serving tuna sandwiches to win the students’ forgiveness. When Frankie cheats off Lola’s test, tension runs high between the girls and a big secret is revealed. Meanwhile, Imogen tries to accept that Jack is not out at home.

7. Clare, Eli. 1417. (COVER)

Becky has the hots for Jonah—but after Jonah confesses he’s “straight edge,” Becky wonders if she’s OK with a platonic relationship. Maya signs up for gym class to boost her average and gets partnered with her ex-BFF, Tristan—can they work things out? Meanwhile, Clare and Eli babysit little Rocky to practise for parenthood.

2. Maya, Zig. 1418.

Things are heating up between Maya and Zig—but will Mrs. Matlin let them date AND live together? After Clare suffers a miscarriage, she’s desperate to escape reality and embarks on an impromptu trip to New York. Meanwhile, Hunter has a crush on Arlene and tries to find a way to tell her.

5. Zig Tiny Vince. 1419 (COVER)

When Clare skips a prom committee meeting, her co-chair Alli suspects something is up— but is Clare ready to talk about her miscarriage? Zig moves in with Tiny and finds it hard to adjust, especially with Tiny’s brother, Vince, in the house. Meanwhile, Tristan tries online dating and revamps his profile to score the ideal guy.


Maya insists on visiting Zig’s new home—but Zig worries that his roommates, Tiny and Vince, will give Maya the wrong impression. Clare feels her privacy has been violated by Degrassi’s security system and leads a crusade against principal Pill. Meanwhile, Frankie struggles to work opposite her musical co-star and ex, Winton.


After Zig becomes an accomplice to Damon’s shooting, he’s ready to do whatever it takes to keep him and his friends out of jail. Frankie wants Winston back and hatches a plan to test his fidelity. Meanwhile, Drew tries to convince Becky that Jonah is trouble—but is Drew just jealous?


It’s the opening night of “Captain Who!” When Damon’s camp threatens to retaliate at school, there’s only one way to keep Degrassi safe—but is Zig willing to turn on his friends? Zoë is not fit for the musical and a determined Winston begs Frankie to reclaim her role as leading lady. Meanwhile, Becky uncovers a dark secret about Jonah.


It’s prom night at Degrassi! When Alli squeezes Drew out of prom, Drew becomes determined to toast the end of high school with his best friends and Becky on his arm—but things don’t go as planned. After a rough year, Clare has nothing planned for her post-secondary career—should she follow Eli to New York? Imogen feels Jack’s absence at prom and wonders if their breakup was the right thing. Meanwhile, Miles tries to help Hunter lock down his crush, Arlene.


It’s graduation at Degrassi! When Dallas almost ruins prom, Student Council President Drew comes to the rescue and finally wins his friends’ support—especially when he needs them most. Imogen is determined to win Jack back—but was their break-up for the best? Meanwhile, Clare makes peace with herself and her future.

Season 14 Cast


Aislinn Paul

Clare Edwards

A.J. Saudin

Connor Delaurier

Amanda Arcuri

Lola Pacini

Ana Golja

Zoe Rivas

Andre Kim

Winston Chu

Cristine Prosperi

Imogen Moreno

Demetrius Joyette

Mike Dallas

Ehren Kassam

Jonah Haak

Eric Osborne

Miles Hollingsworth III

Jessica Tyler

Jenna Middleton

Luke Bilyk

Drew Torres

Lyle Lettau

Tristan Milligan

Melinda Shankar

Alli Bhandari

Munro Chambers

Eli Goldsworthy

Niamh Wilson

Jack Jones

Nikki Gould

Grace Cardinal

Olivia Scriven

Maya Matlin

Reiya Downs

Shay Powers

Ricardo Hoyos

Zig Novak

Richard Walters

Deon 'Tiny' King

Sara Waisglass

Frankie Hollingsworth

Sarah Fisher

Becky Baker

Spencer Macpherson

Hunter Hollingsworth