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When we last saw the Degrassi students, the senior graduates said goodbye to great friendships and great loves. Mo and Jake vowed to maintain their ‘bromance’ after graduation; Imogen was held back a year and therefore forced to call it quits with Fiona; meanwhile, Clare and Eli rekindled their romance, ready to face the challenges of long distance while Eli is away at NYU.

Season 13 brings you classic Degrassi heart and angst. Many of your favourite characters return to Degrassi, along with some new additions to the student body. And with new characters comes new drama. The students continue to navigate through romance, friendships, school and family—confronted with issues of violence, drugs, sexual assault, illness and death. Clare anxiously awaits her biopsy results, and the results could change her life forever. Drew is faced with great tragedy, but with it comes great inspiration. Alli learns that love does not always conquer all.

Meanwhile, new student Zoe Rivas turns Degrassi upside down—but even the toughest girl in school can hit rock bottom. No student at Degrassi is immune to the challenges of teenage life. Yet even through the most trying of circumstances, the characters rally against all the odds—learning about themselves and their peers while working to forge their unique identities at school, home and, most of all, with each other. Whatever it takes!


1301-1302 Summertime

School’s out! A group of lucky Degrassi students are bound for an unforgettable summer trip to Paris. Maya makes a bad judgement call, and finds herself in a sticky situation. Eager to join her friends in Paris, Clare anxiously awaits her cancer results. Adam scores a summer job at Degrassi Day Camp, but is sad to see Becky leave for the summer.

1303-All I Wanna Do

Despite her illness, Clare is determined to remain a regular girl. Without Clare, Alli feels lonely in Paris and tries to make the best of it. Meanwhile, Tristan ‘bro’s it up’ while rooming with the guys.

1304 My Own Worst Enemy

Fearing her MRI results, Clare breaks free from the hospital with Drew’s help. Alli starts to experience romance in Paris. Meanwhile, Tristan and Zoe have their sights set on the same guy.

1305 - About A Girl

Becky is spending ‘friendly’ time with her co-worker Todd, and a jealous Adam tries desperately to save their relationship. Alli is falling hard for her Parisian waiter and worries that things are progressing too fast. Meanwhile, Maya and Tristan’s friendship is put to the test.

1306 Cannonball

Things are rocky with Becky, so Adam takes Dallas’ advice and tries juggling two girls at once. When an upset Tristan goes AWOL in Paris, Maya enlists the help of her sworn enemy. Meanwhile, Alli tries to balance her friends and new romance.

1307 Honey

After Adam’s accident, a distraught Drew visits camp for some comforting. Alli and Leo are getting close, but what will happen when Alli returns home? Meanwhile, Maya tries to show up Zoe and something goes terribly wrong!

1308 Young Forever

As summer comes to an end, Becky attempts to understand the meaning behind Adam’s tragedy. Determined to bring Degrassi together, she orchestrates an evening to remember. Drew is in a state of shock as he tries to process the sudden loss of his brother. Meanwhile, Clare receives the results from her latest CT scan.

1309 - This Is How We Do It

Back to school! As Student Council President, Drew wants everyone to have a positive year after the devastating loss of Adam. Fitting in at Degrassi proves hard for Zoe, who doesn’t feel like a normal girl. Meanwhile, Alli reunites with Leo on her home turf.

1310 - You Got Me

Drew struggles with the demands of Student Council President. Zoe is determined to be Drew’s First Lady. Meanwhile, Leo tries to get in with Alli’s friends.

1311 - You Oughta Know

Clare jumps at the opportunity to write for a reputable magazine, but her brain after cancer is not cooperating. Tristan surprises everyone when he makes the basketball team alongside Miles. Meanwhile, can Imogen work with Becky on Degrassi TV after her fling with Adam?

1312 Everything You've Done Wrong

Clare tries to save her deteriorating reputation with the magazine, but refuses to play the cancer card. Tristan wants to keep Miles as a friend, but is hiding a secret that may threaten their friendship. Meanwhile, Imogen attempts to look beyond her guilt and give Becky a chance.

1313 Who Do You Think You Are

Zoe talks Maya into making a racy music video, which threatens Maya’s reputation at Degrassi. When Dallas starts acting irresponsibly, Drew is concerned his friend is on a dangerous path. Meanwhile, Alli cancels her plans with Leo to study and is shocked by his reaction.

1314 Barely Breathing

After Maya discovers the person responsible for her music video going viral, she is hell-bent on revenge. Alli tries to bury her problems with Leo and focus on her SATs. Meanwhile, Drew is determined to save Dallas from his destructive behaviour.

1315 Black And White

Winston writes a scathing review against the Student Council President for Degrassi TV, and Drew is forced to face the backlash. Eli is in town for a quick visit, but Clare feels he may be hiding something. Meanwhile, Tristan finds his artistic voice in drama class with the help of Zoe.

1316 Spiderwebs

It’s Thanksgiving! Drew is excited to have Bianca back in town, but suspects there is something she’s not telling him. Eli and Clare try to work through their long distance relationship challenges. Maya is furious that she was punished over Zoe after their last fight, meanwhile Tristan tries to broker a peace settlement between the girls.

1317 The World I Know

It’s Alli’s birthday, but all she can think about is Leo being sent back to France. Maya returns from suspension to find she’s stuck in the Remedial ‘Rubber’ Room with her ex. Drew prepares for mayoral candidate Mr. Hollingsworth to speak a Degrassi, but his recent fling with Clare has him distracted.

1318 Better Man

Alli is in denial about Leo, and continues lying to protect him. Maya attempts to show her ‘Rubber Room’ classmates that she isn’t a princess. Meanwhile, Zoe helps Drew prepare for his Youth Advisor interview with Mr. Hollingsworth.

1319 Dig Me Out

Things heat up between Drew and Zoe, but Drew wants to avoid the ‘boyfriend’ title. Alli gets back to life after Leo by focusing on her science experiment. After getting thrown out of class for not wearing a bra, Imogen plans a cutting piece for Degrassi TV.

1320 Power To The People

Drew struggles to balance Mr. Hollingsworth’s campaign and his new relationship with Zoe. Alli partners with Dallas on her science experiment, but can they overcome their history? Meanwhile, Imogen takes her dress-code crusade viral, determined to win this fight!

1321 No Surprises

A shocking discovery leads Miles to question his family life. Eli is slipping away, meanwhile Clare is growing closer to Drew. The truth about Alli’s relationship with Leo may send Dallas over the edge.

1322 Basket Case

Miles is determined to expose his father’s secret, but is he ready for the whole truth? With Leo out on bail, Alli is worried that Dallas will take the law into his own hands. Nervous she may have feelings for Drew, Clare gives herself a strict set of rules to follow.

1323/24 Unbelievable

After Zoe’s recent drunkenness at the Hollingsworth mansion, Becky prepares a Degrassi TV report about teen girls and alcohol. But Becky’s investigation takes an unexpected turn, leading her to a make a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Miles makes a grand gesture to win Maya’s forgiveness.

1325 What It's Like

Maya tries to help Zig out of a tough situation. Jenna sets her sights on winning Semi-Formal King and Queen with Connor. Meanwhile, Becky worries she will lose Imogen’s friendship to a new student at Degrassi.

1326 Close To Me

Becky will stop at nothing to keep Imogen as her best friend, even if it takes pushing Jack out of the picture. Miles goes to extreme lengths not to lose Maya to Zig. Meanwhile, a jealous Jenna wears a skimpy dress to impress Connor.

1327 Army Of Me

Dallas feels racially profiled after he and Connor are held in connection with a terror incident. Drew is getting too close for comfort, so Clare makes it her mission to find Drew a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Tristan is determined to join Mr. Yates’ Theatre Collective.

1328 Everything Is Everything

Tristan confronts Mr. Yates about the harsh criticism he received in drama class. Dallas loses his cool at the National Science Fair, letting Alli down in the process. Meanwhile, Clare’s plan to get Drew an Internet date backfires!

1329 Sparks Will Fly Part 1

Zoe auditions for her dream television role, but the character hits a little too close to home. Drew makes a plea for Clare’s heart, which leaves her even more conflicted about Eli. Meanwhile, Miles works overtime to win Maya back.

1330 Sparks Will Fly Part 2

Fireworks ensue at Degrassi’s ‘Wild Wild West Night’ when Clare is caught in a love triangle with Eli and Drew. Zoe struggles with the message her new film role gives to girls. Meanwhile, Miles and Zig face off in a showdown for Maya’s heart.

1331 You Are Not Alone

Maya tries to help Zig turn over a new leaf, but her worst fears about Zig are soon confirmed. On the prowl for a’ ladyfriend,’ Winston falls for the perfect girl in a less than perfect situation. Meanwhile, Clare strikes up a friendship with Jack.

1332 Enjoy The Silence

It’s Panorama night at Degrassi! Maya attempts to keep Zig’s old gang away from him, but will it work? An angry Clare is desperate for answers from Drew about their recent affair. Meanwhile, Winston tries to keep his romance with Frankie a secret from Miles.

1333 How Bizarre

Since turning Luke in to the police, Becky feels isolated at home and finds an escape in online gaming. Drew prepares for the final days of the Hollingsworth campaign, but his charm gets him more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, Zig struggles with a new part-time job.

1334 My Hero

Drew is in hot water with the Hollingsworth campaign, which leaves him insecure about his future. Becky’s online gaming turns into online dating, but she’s in for an unexpected twist. Meanwhile, Zig contemplates reconnecting with his mother.

1335 Hypnotize

Tristan is MCing Degrassi’s fashion show and seeks help from Mr. Yates— but he ends up with more than just help. Imogen crushes hard on Jack and is determined to fit in with her crowd. Meanwhile, Frankie auditions to be a model for the Degrassi fashion show.

1336 Out Of My Heart

Mr. Yates warns Tristan to keep their affair a secret, but Tristan’s feelings are becoming obvious. Imogen’s smitten with Jack and will go to any length to impress her. Frankie investigates why she was asked to be a model in the Degrassi fashion show after initially being rejected.

1337 Believe Part 1

Zoe’s sexual assault trial is underway and the media is painting her in a negative light. Becky struggles with what her testimony will be at her brother’s trial. Maya and Miles work on patching things up, but will the trial reveal the truth about Miles and Zoe? Meanwhile, Zig is pulled back into his old gang.

1338 Believe Part 2

The media is abuzz about Zoe’s trial. Feeling hopeless and worried about her tarnished reputation, Zoe is terrified of the final verdict. After a conversation with Luke, Becky is even more torn about her testimony. Meanwhile, tension runs high between Maya and Miles.

1339/1340 Thunderstruck Part 1 & 2

When a super storm hits Toronto, sparks fly at Degrassi. Zig, Maya and Zoe get stranded at the Matlin house and things get awkward. Tension runs high between Tristan and his friends at the Hollingsworth mansion. A worried Drew searches for a missing Becky. Meanwhile, Clare heads to New York City for an interview at Columbia University…will her and Eli’s paths cross?

Season 13 Cast

Clare Edwards (AISLINN PAUL)

Aislinn Paul

Clare Edwards
Conner DeLaurier (A.J. SAUDIN)

A.J. Saudin

Connor Delaurier
Zoe Rivas (ANA GOLJA)

Ana Golja

Zoe Rivas
Winston Chu (ANDRE KIM)

Andre Kim

Winston Chu

Cristine Prosperi

Imogen Moreno

Demetrius Joyette

Mike Dallas
Miles Hollingsworth III (ERIC OSBORNE)

Eric Osborne

Miles Hollingsworth III
Jenna Middleton (JESSICA TYLER)

Jessica Tyler

Jenna Middleton

Jordan Todosey

Adam Torres
Drew Torres (LUKE BILYK)

Luke Bilyk

Drew Torres
Tristan Milligan (LYLE LETTAU)

Lyle Lettau

Tristan Milligan

Melinda Shankar

Alli Bhandari
Eli Goldsworthy (MUNRO CHAMBERS)

Munro Chambers

Eli Goldsworthy

Olivia Scriven

Maya Matlin

Ricardo Hoyos

Zig Novak
Becky Baker (SARAH FISHER)

Sarah Fisher

Becky Baker