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At the end of season 11, Degrassi toasted the arrival of winter break with its Frostival Carnival! Despite her family’s financial troubles, Fiona vowed to remain at Degrassi and shared a romantic moment with her long time crush, Imogen; old sparks returned between Clare and Eli; meanwhile, Maya solidified a BFF bond with Tristan and Tori. What will happen next as the students prepare to return to Degrassi for a new semester?

Season 12 brings you another action-packed, emotionally fueled season of Degrassi – with special guest appearances by Chaz Bono and Hedley! Your favourite characters are joined by fresh new faces, which brings new romance and conflict to Degrassi. This season the students go head-to-head with adolescence and tackle hard-hitting issues including sexuality, religion, body image, assault and mental illness. Alli is determined to pursue a post-secondary career at MIT, but must choose between her relationship and academic future; Adam’s gender identity comes under scrutiny by students with opposing religious beliefs; meanwhile, transfer student and hockey-star Campbell Saunders struggles with depression and the immense expectations of others. The Degrassi students must negotiate between their own hopes and dreams, and societal norms and conventions. But despite the many pressures of teenage life, the characters continue to learn and grow—finding strength in themselves and one another.

Whatever it takes!


1201 Come As You Are (Part 1)

It’s back to school at Degrassi! Drew is getting closer with Bianca and decides it’s time to end things with Katie. Clare returns from the break excited to reconnect with Eli, but does he feel the same way? Meanwhile, Maya has her heart set on joining Mo’s new band.

1202 Come As You Are (Part 2)

After blacking out, Drew tries to piece together what happened at the Toronto Ice Hounds party. Clare’s new internship means she has less time for Eli—can they make it work? Meanwhile, Maya auditions for Mo’s band and things don’t go according to plan.

1203 Walking On Broken Glass (Part 1)

After getting dumped by Drew, an angry Katie searches for a way to make him suffer. Eli clashes with new student Becky Baker while planning Degrassi’s next play. Meanwhile, a new guy catches Tristan’s eye.

1204 Walking On Broken Glass (Part 2)

Drew feels like his life is falling apart and just when things couldn’t get worse, he’s faced with a serious medical problem. Eli and Becky work to resolve their creative differences while casting the play. Meanwhile, Tristan continues to front as Maya online in his quest to get closer to Campbell.

1205 Got Your Money (Part 1)

Zig goes to extreme lengths to afford an anniversary dinner for Tori. When Eli shares his vision for the musical, Dave isn’t sure he has what it takes to play Romeo. Meanwhile, Fiona returns to Degrassi and reunites with Imogen—but their opposing schedules are putting stress on their relationship.

1206 Got Your Money (Part 2)

Zig will do anything to impress Tori, even steal— but can he keep the truth from Tori and Maya? Tension runs high when Fiona asks Imogen to define their relationship. Meanwhile, the hockey team gives Dave a hard time about his role in ‘Romeo and Jules.’

1207 Say It Ain't So (Part 1)

Alli is offered an early scholarship to MIT and debates whether or not to accept. Jake decides college isn’t for him and focuses his attention on the family business. Meanwhile, Dallas insists that Cam spend more time with his hockey teammates.

1208 Say It Ain't So (Part 2)

Thinking she may be pregnant, Alli must decide between MIT and having a family with Dave. With a little help from Katie, Jake tries to prove to his father he is fit for ‘Martin & Martin Construction.’ Meanwhile, Cam struggles to fit in with the hockey team.

1209 Closer To Free (Part 1)

Jenna strikes up a friendship with Becky, but will their religious differences come between them? Clare obsesses over her journalism mentor, which gets her into hot water with her friends. Meanwhile, Drew feels discouraged at school and finds confidence in a new job.

1210 Closer To Free (Part 2)

Jenna considers becoming Christian in order to date Luke. Drew is failing his classes and contemplates dropping out of Degrassi to work full-time. Meanwhile, Connor’s tweets embarrass Clare in front of Asher and the entire school.

1211 Waterfalls (Part 1)

Clare tries to impress Asher with a story pitch— but she gets more than she bargained for.  K.C. and Bianca play matchmaker for K.C.’s mom. Meanwhile, Katie chaperones Maya and Cam’s first date.

1212 Waterfalls (Part 2)

Clare tries to put the incident with Asher behind her—but can she bury the truth? K.C.’s mom has some surprising news. Meanwhile, Maya tries to impress Cam and gives him the wrong impression.

1213 Rusty Cage (Part 1)

Cam desperately needs a break from hockey, so he blows off practice to hang with Maya. K.C.’s dad is released from jail—but is K.C. ready to welcome him back? Meanwhile, Fiona’s loft is a mess and she blames her new roommate, Drew.

1214 Rusty Cage (Part 2)

Cam struggles to live up to the team’s expectations on the ice. K.C. wants his dad out of the picture— even if it means doing something drastic. Meanwhile, Drew and Fiona find common ground as roommates.

1215 Never Ever (Part 1)

Determined to build an elaborate set for ‘Romeo and Jules,’ Imogen reaches out to her estranged mother for money. An angry Becky interferes with ticket sales to sabotage Eli’s musical. Despite being on a relationship hiatus, Katie finds herself in a love triangle.

1216 Never Ever (Part 2)

Imogen is desperate to ignore the truth behind her dad’s strange behavior.  Becky bonds with Adam without realizing that he’s transgender. Meanwhile, Katie and Jake get close—but where does that leave Dallas?

1217 Sabotage (Part 1)

Clare is furious with Asher and takes it out on the hockey team—making an enemy out of Dallas. Tori, Tristan, and Dave compete in a talent contest. After leaving Degrassi, Drew feels left out from Bianca and his friends.

1218 Sabotage (Part 2)

Eli suspects Clare is hiding something and investigates the truth behind her failed internship with Asher. Audra urges Drew to go back to Degrassi. Meanwhile, Dave worries that he and Alli are growing apart.

1219 Scream (Part 1)

When a group of parents try to stop ‘Romeo and Jules,’ Eli takes immediate action. Tristan doesn’t want his first kiss to be with Dave and makes it his mission to find a boyfriend before opening night. Meanwhile, a disapproving Becky wants to “save” Adam.

1220 Scream (Part 2)

Tristan goes AWOL on opening night of ‘Romeo and Jules’, and an unlikely person steps in to save the show. While Eli is busy with the play, Clare teams up with Katie to get even with Asher. Meanwhile, Becky and Adam share a moment backstage.

1221 Building a Mystery (Part 1)

Becky is falling for Adam, but she worries about how her conservative parents will react. Bianca urges Drew to reconnect with his mom and tell her about their engagement. Desperate to impress film director Brett Barnette, Eli tries to find creative inspiration for his short film.

1222 Building a Mystery (Part 2)

Becky tells her parents that Adam is transgender and they give her an ultimatum. Bianca seeks Audra’s approval to marry Drew. Meanwhile, Eli’s short film fails to impress film director Bret Barnette—will it cost him NYU?

1223 Doll Parts (Part 1)

Maya is determined to win Cam’s affection and gets a pageant-style makeover from Tori. Marisol suspects Mo is hiding something and fears the worst. Meanwhile, Adam tries out for the boys’ volleyball team.

1224 Doll Parts (Part 2)

Maya and Tori’s friendship is tested when they compete in the Miss Millennial Pageant. Marisol confronts Mo about his suspected drug addiction. Meanwhile, Adam gets hurt playing volleyball and hides it from Audra.

1225 I Want It That Way (Part 1)

Overwhelmed with school, Alli decides to let loose—but suffers the consequences. Tristan tries to lose weight to win a role in Eli’s action film and impress Fab. Meanwhile, Fiona attempts to gain Imogen’s mom’s approval.

1226 I Want It That Way (Part 2)

Ali goes to extreme measures to manage her heavy workload and crashes at the worst possible time. Tristan’s diet has dramatic results— but not exactly the results he had hoped for. Meanwhile, Imogen is jealous of Fiona’s friendship with her mom.

1227 Tonight, Tonight (Part 1)

When WhisperHug joins Battle of the Bands, Adam hits it off with a new girl—but should he reveal that he’s transgender? Tori fears she’s losing Zig and Maya worries Zig will leak their secret kiss to Tori. Fed up with her mom’s rules, Clare hatches a plan to spend more time alone with Eli.

1228 Tonight, Tonight (Part 2)

Sparks fly at Battle of the Bands! As WhisperHug prepares to perform, Adam finds himself conflicted between Missy and Becky. Maya is caught in a love triangle with Cam and Zig. Meanwhile, Clare confronts Helen and Glenn about the double standard at home.

1229-1230 Las Vegas (Part 1 & 2)

A group of Degrassi students head to Las Vegas for Spring Break! Drew and Bianca plan to tie the knot in Sin City, but is Drew getting cold feet? Tension runs high when Audra arrives in Vegas to object to the wedding. Meanwhile, Katie’s parents can’t afford tuition to her dream university, so Katie hatches a plan to win the money in Vegas— but how far is she willing to go?

1231 Bitter Sweet Symphony (Part 1)

It’s a new semester!  After visiting home, Cam returns to Degrassi in good spirits—but he quickly begins to unravel under the pressure of hockey and school. Dallas is smitten with Alli and tries to win her over. Meanwhile, Eli and Clare become locker roomies and tension runs high between them.

1232 Bitter Sweet Symphony (Part 2)

Degrassi attempts to make sense of an unthinkable tragedy. Maya’s in shock and finds a distraction in her National Young Musicians Orchestra audition. Dallas harbours feelings of guilt and lashes out at Alli. Meanwhile, Eli can’t erase what he saw from his mind.

1233 Ray Of Light (Part 1)

Degrassi tries to move forward after Cam’s suicide. In his quest to forget, Eli throws himself into the video yearbook— but a concerned Clare won’t let him escape his feelings. Jenna makes it her mission to let students know that they are not alone, and connects with an unlikely person. Meanwhile, Marisol tries to broker a peace settlement between Katie and Jake.

1234 Ray Of Light (Part 2)

As Eli comes down from an MDMA trip, Clare becomes his unofficial therapist—but can she help him face Cam’s suicide? A conflicted Jenna must choose between Connor and Luke. Meanwhile, Katie works on patching things up with Jake.

1235 Karma Police (Part 1)

Drew’s moving out and Fiona’s forced to get a job at the mall to afford the loft. Dallas and Alli are growing closer—but a surprise visit from Dallas’s ex complicates things. Meanwhile, Zig struggles to make peace with Cam’s suicide.

1236 Karma Police (Part 2)

After being attacked by an intruder, Fiona goes to extreme lengths to feel safe in her loft. Zig works to make amends with Maya and Tori. Meanwhile, Dallas tries to hide his son from Alli—but how long can he keep him a secret?

1237 Zombie (Part 1)

Eli’s zombie movie shoot is underway! Maya continues to struggle with Cam’s suicide and acts out in an extreme way. Drew’s nominated for Student Council President and decides to run against a very competitive Clare. Meanwhile, Alli is cutting into Connor and Jenna’s alone time—so Connor hatches a plan.

1238 Zombie (Part 2)

Maya is forced to face her destructive behaviour and finally taps into her feelings about Cam’s suicide. With Bianca’s encouragement, Drew begins to take the Student Council President campaign seriously—but can he beat THE Clare Edwards? Meanwhile, Connor works to patch things up with Jenna.

1239-1240 The Time Of My Life (Part 1 & 2)

It’s graduation at Degrassi! After Fiona is offered a job in Rome, Imogen takes drastic measures to keep her in Toronto. With Eli off to NYU, Clare tries to move on with her life without him—but is she ready to let him go? Meanwhile, Mo wants to lock down a bromance with Jake before high school ends.

Season 12 Cast


Aislinn Paul

Clare Edwards

A.J. Saudin

Connor Delaurier

Alex Steele

Tori Santamaria

Alicia Josipovic

Bianca DeSousa

Annie Clark

Fiona Coyne

Chloe Rose

Katie Matlin

Craig Arnold

Luke Baker

Cristine Prosperi

Imogen Moreno

Daniel Kelly

Owen Milligan

Demetrius Joyette

Mike Dallas
Campbell Saunders (DYLAN EVERETT)

Dylan Everett

Campbell Saunders

Jacob Neayem

Mo Mashkour

Jahmil French

Dave Turner

Jessica Tyler

Jenna Middleton

Jordan Todosey

Adam Torres

Justin Kelly

Jake Martin

Luke Bilyk

Drew Torres

Lyle Lettau

Tristan Milligan

Melinda Shankar

Alli Bhandari

Munro Chambers

Eli Goldsworthy

Olivia Scriven

Maya Matlin

Ricardo Hoyos

Zig Novak

Sam Earle

K.C. Guthrie

Sarah Fisher

Becky Baker

Shanice Banton

Marisol Lewis