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The Degrassi season 10 finale saw the characters kick off spring break with the ‘Spring Fling Semi-Formal.’ Clare and Eli call it quits after Eli’s dramatic plea for Clare’s heart; Fiona confesses her love for Holly J and the girls find resolve in their unbreakable friendship; meanwhile, Jenna finally gives birth to baby Tyson! Now with school out for spring break, and the year’s final semester around the corner—the drama has only just begun.

Degrassi’s 11th season kicks off with an unforgettable one-hour spring break special! Bianca’s violent past catches up with her and the lethal consequences reverberate throughout the school year. When classes resume at Degrassi, another dramatic, angst-fuelled semester ensues with your favourite characters, plus exciting new faces—which bring forbidden love triangles and thought-provoking revelations. Clare sets her sights on new student Jake and their relationship goes through some unexpected twists and turns; K.C. and Jenna struggle to survive teenage parenthood; Drew is determined to save Bianca from gang life; meanwhile, Holly J faces her own mortality as she continues her fight back to health. This and so much more unfolds as the senior students prepare for graduation and prom, and the grade niners work to forge their place at Degrassi.

Season 11 of Degrassi tackles many issues that are relevant to today’s teens, including gang violence, drug abuse, bullying, gender identity, sexuality, teen parenthood and romance. Yet despite the many challenges of high school, the characters rally against adversity, learn from their mistakes, and still find the joys in adolescence together—even when they least expect it. Whatever it takes!



School’s out for Spring Break! A grounded Drew suspects that Bianca is being unfaithful and goes to extreme measures to learn the truth. Fiona is desperate for romance and crushes hard on a new girl. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Sav is depressed over his ex—can he get out of his funk?


It’s back to school at Degrassi! Clare feels Eli is taking their breakup way too easy and demands some answers. New student Jake is getting acquainted with Degrassi, and may be the perfect rebound for Clare. Meanwhile, Jenna is overwhelmed by the baby and feels K.C. is not pulling his weight—can K.C. rise to the occasion?


Anya has feelings for Dr. Chris and is determined to follow him to Africa for ‘Doctors Without Borders’—but does he share Anya’s feelings? K.C. is struggling at home and searches for an excuse to escape Jenna and baby Tyson. Connor is curious about girls and develops an unhealthy obsession. Meanwhile, Drew meets with his lawyer to discuss his manslaughter case.


Drew is debilitated by his fear of Vince and Bianca is determined to make things right. Anya is ashamed of hooking up with Owen—but could Owen be relationship material? Meanwhile, Wesley discovers Connor’s secret stash of ladies underwear.


Dave and Adam audition to co-host Degrassi’s new radio show—but is Dave able to work with someone who is transgender? Fiona is not fitting in at school and focuses all her attention on her new crush, Charlie. Meanwhile, Clare needs a non-boy related activity and applies for the school newspaper.


After his transphobic rant on-air, Dave is kicked off Degrassi’s radio show and tension runs high between him and Adam. Fiona is falling hard for Charlie—but does Charlie share Fiona’s feelings? Meanwhile, Clare tries to convince Katie to let her join the Degrassi Daily newspaper.


Eli is writing Degrassi’s new school play—but after a bout of writers block, he’s convinced his anti-anxiety meds are to blame. To please his mom, Riley goes on a date with a girl and Zane thinks Riley is seeing another guy. Meanwhile, K.C. is getting a bit too close with his co-worker Marisol– what about Jenna?


Eli continues to suffer from writers block—but with the help of Imogen, he tosses his meds and confronts his emotions head on.   A closeted Riley is forced to choose between Zane and his family. Meanwhile, K.C. is falling for Marisol— will Jenna find out the truth?

7. Bianca, Anya, Chloe. 1110. (new cover)

After being rejected by Dr. Chris and Toronto U, Anya hits rock bottom and will do anything to to escape her troubles. Charlie moves into Fiona’s loft, but may have brought some little critters with her. Meanwhile, Connor is caught in the most awkward of situations.


Determined to get her life on track, Anya prepares for her interview at Haslett University, but finds the wrong kind of confidence in cocaine.  Fiona is determined to keep her alcoholism from affecting her relationship with Charlie. Meanwhile, Degrassi searches for the student caught in the girls’ locker room— will Connor be exposed?

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Clare has the hots for Jake and a casual kiss quickly turns into something more. Drew wants to get back to life at Degrassi, but worries Vince and his gang will return for revenge. Meanwhile, Dave realizes he may still have feelings for Alli— but what about Sadie?


After Clare discovers the reason for her parents’ divorce, she starts to have doubts about her new relationship with Jake. Drew is determined to face his fears and protect himself from Vince. Meanwhile, Dave is falling for Alli and must choose between her and Sadie.


Holly J receives distressing news about her health—and with it comes a shocking revelation about her family.  Sparks fly between Adam and Katie, but Adam worries that Katie won’t dig a guy with the wrong ‘parts.’ Meanwhile, Imogen is determined to win Eli’s affection.


After learning she’s adopted, Holly J searches for her birthmother—and it quickly becomes a matter of life or death.  Feeling ashamed of his body, Adam considers chest reconstruction surgery. Meanwhile, a smitten Imogen hatches a plan to help Eli get over Clare.


Jenna wants to be more than just a teen mom and returns to Degrassi—but can she juggle school and a baby? Sav’s stoked to be composing music for the school play with Ms. Oh, until Mo gets in the way. Meanwhile, Clare is concerned that Eli is trying to sabotage her relationship with Jake.


After Child Services investigates baby Tyson’s fall, Jenna and K.C. reach a breaking point and consider putting their son up for adoption. Sav is crushing hard on Ms. Oh and Mo takes it upon himself to play matchmaker. Meanwhile, Clare continues to obsess over Eli—can they both forgive and forget?


Drew starts a secret Ultimate Fighting Club at Degrassi to cope with his PTSD—but will the club be exposed? Alli preps Dave to meet her very strict parents and things don’t go as planned. Meanwhile, Holly J uncovers a legal dilemma as she contemplates paying for her birth mother’s kidney.


With his Ultimate Fighting Club shutdown, a rebellious Drew takes extreme action and joins an illegal fighting league.  Alli comes clean to her parents about dating Dave. Meanwhile, Holly J grows closer to her birth mother, Don—but will Don give up her kidney?


Eli desperately wants Clare back and will stop at nothing to impress her—but is he thinking clearly without his med? After her failed attempts at University, a discouraged Anya falls back into her party girl ways. Meanwhile, K.C. will do anything to hold onto Jenna, even jeopardize Tyson’s adoption.


It’s the opening of Love Roulette! Despite kissing Imogen, Eli continues his quest for Clare and hatches a plan to break her and Jake up. Anya discovers a new career path—but will her drug use stand in the way? Meanwhile, K.C. and Jenna say goodbye to baby Tyson.

1. Wesley, Hannah. 1122. (COVER)

Alli is determined to cement her relationship with Dave before she leaves for Summer Science Camp—but how far is she willing to go? A threatened Wesley tries to outdo Liam in a bid for Hannah’s heart. Meanwhile, Imogen strikes up an unlikely friendship with Bianca.


Alli’s gambling quickly turns into an addiction and tension runs high between her and Dave—will their relationship fold? In an effort to impress Hannah, Wesley takes her on an illegal joyride and things take a left turn. Meanwhile, Bianca tries to make things right after stealing from Imogen.


Katie hits it off with Marisol’s long-time crush, Drew—and a betrayed Marisol seeks revenge against Katie. Eli is in recovery and works to make amends with the people he hurt while off his meds. Meanwhile, a student-teacher romance is blooming between Sav and Ms. Oh.


With Student Council elections around the corner, politics get dirty between Katie and Marisol—will their friendship survive the election? Eli is determined to win Jake’s forgiveness and only a selfless act can make things right. Meanwhile, things between Sav and Ms. Oh are heating up, and so are the rumours.


A discouraged Fiona struggles with losing Charlie and watching her friends prepare for graduation without her— will she be able to handle life on her own? Anya enlists the help of Owen to train her for the army and old sparks return.  Meanwhile, Drew and Katie contemplate going all the way.


It’s Graduation at Degrassi! A discouraged Fiona falls back into her addiction and turns her back on Holly J on the eve of her kidney transplant. Katie is not ready to go all the way with Drew, but doesn’t know how to tell him. Meanwhile, Riley confronts his mom about his sexuality.

5. Katie, Drew. 1128. (new cover)

Drew discovers Bianca is dating Vince against her will and is determined to save her from gang life. Clare and Jake receive big news about their parents’ relationship and contemplate coming clean about their own romance. Meanwhile, a newly graduated Sav tries to date Ms. Oh outside of Degrassi.


It’s prom night at Degrassi! Despite Drew’s efforts, Vince returns for Bianca and a war breaks out at Degrassi’s prom. Jake and Clare try to make sense of their parents’ surprise engagement— can their relationship survive the pressure? Meanwhile, Sav and Ms. Oh share an intimate moment on prom night.


A group of Degrassians escape to Jake’s cabin and things get spooky! With Glen and Helen’s wedding looming, Jake feels his love for Clare is unrequited and sets his sights on another girl—but is Clare ready for the relationship to be over? Katie worries that Bianca is trying to steal Drew and is determined to squeeze her out of the picture. Meanwhile, Dave makes an upsetting confession to Alli and a distraught Alli rebels.

5. Imogen. 1132. (new cover)

It’s back to school at Degrassi! Determined to have a fresh start, Fiona tries to get in with the popular girls—but what about her friendship with Imogen? Jake and Clare consider taking their relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, Katie’s little sister, Maya, starts at Degrassi and crushes on a fellow niner.


After a senior prank goes south, Imogen gets caught in the crossfire and Fiona throws her under the bus to protect her new friends. Clare and Jake decide they are ready to go all the way—but are they ready for marriage!? Meanwhile, Maya is falling for Zig and tension runs high between her and Zig’s ex-girlfriend, Tori.


The pressure is on as Katie prepares for the National Soccer Team tryouts—but will an injury prevent her from making the team?  Jenna struggles to move on after saying goodbye to K.C. and baby Tyson. Meanwhile, Tori’s BFF, Tristan, is upset that she’s spending all her time with Zig.


After her knee injury, Katie turns to prescription meds to manage the pain—but can she manage the addictive side effects of codeine? A heartbroken Jenna rediscovers music as a way to cope with her breakup with KC. Meanwhile, Tristan hatches a plan to spend more time with Tori and Zig.

6. Clare. 1136. (new cover)

Jake has a new girlfriend and a jealous Clare is desperate to escape the Edwards-Martin household. Connor is determined to fit in with the guys and tries out for Degrassi’s football team. Meanwhile, Fiona worries that she may have feelings for her best friend, Imogen.

2. Mo. 1137. new cover

Unable to cope with life at home, Clare moves in with her new friend, Summer—but is Summer’s home the safe haven Clare’s been looking for? Since joining the football team, Connor‘s getting bullied by Mo and hatches a plan for revenge. Meanwhile, Fiona will do anything to avoid falling in love with Imogen!

7. Eli. 1138. (s11 page photo)

Eli is tired of being treated differently because he’s bipolar and lashes out at his girlfriend, Imogen. K.C. is invited to baby Tyson’s Christening and becomes determined to be a part of his son’s life. Meanwhile, Tori’s dead set on making Degrassi’s Spirit Squad.


A paranoid Eli begins to suspect that Imogen is cheating and goes to extreme measures to catch her in the act— but is Eli’s mental state unraveling again? K.C. wants baby Tyson back and oversteps his boundaries with Tyson’s adoptive parents. Meanwhile, Tori feels Zig is not supporting her dreams of joining Spirit Squad.


After cheating on Alli, Dave is determined to win back her trust—but is the ‘other girl’ in the past? A lonely Marisol looks to partner with a cute guy for the Model UN debates. Meanwhile, a skeptical Adam discovers he has a secret admirer.


Dave’s one night stand, Jacinta, is back in the picture and threatens his relationship with Alli. Marisol worries that her less than popular Model UN partner, Mo, is crushing on her—but does she feel the same? Meanwhile, Adam builds up the nerve to go on a blind date with his secret admire.

1142 5. Katie. (new cover)

A reformed Bianca is working hard at school and strikes up an unlikely friendship with Degrassi scholar, Katie—but does Katie have ulterior motives? Mo is thrilled to be dating Marisol and wants to make their relationship official. Meanwhile, Alli tries to help an inconsolable Dave cope with Jacinta’s accident.


Katie’s addiction to painkillers takes a turn for the worst—meanwhile Drew and Bianca get closer behind Katie’s back. Mo is determined to plan an unforgettable first date with Marisol. Dave struggles to move on after Jacinta’s accident—will he and Alli survive this tragedy?


Marisol is acting as Student Council President in Katie’s absence—and her sworn enemy, Fiona, schemes to end her reign. As interim editor, Clare is determined to release the holiday edition of Degrassi Daily and must recruit the help of some former friends. Meanwhile, a frustrated Maya feels musically uninspired in grade nine band.


It’s Degrassi’s Frostival Carnival! Fiona’s family crisis threatens her plans for the big event—but a determined Fiona won’t let her classmates down, especially her long-time crush, Imogen. Old sparks return between Clare and Eli and things heat up on carnival night—will they get back together? Meanwhile, Maya must choose between joining an indie rock band or toughing it out with her pals in grade nine music class.

Season 11 Cast


Aislinn Paul

Clare Edwards

A.J. Saudin

Connor DeLaurier

Alex Steele

Tori Santamaria

Alicia Josipovic

Bianca DeSousa

Annie Clark

Fiona Coyne

Argiris Karras

Riley Stavros

Charlotte Arnold

Holly J. Sinclair

Chloe Rose

Katie Matlin

Cristine Prosperi

Imogen Moreno

Daniel Kelly

Owen Milligan

Jacob Neayem

Mo Mashkour

Jahmil French

Dave Turner

Jajube Mandiela

Chantay Black

Jessica Tyler

Jenna Middleton

Jordan Todosey

Adam Torres

Justin Kelly

Jake Martin

Luke Bilyk

Drew Torres

Lyle Lettau

Tristan Milligan

Melinda Shankar

Alli Bhandari
Eli Goldsworthy (Munro Chambers)

Munro Chambers

Eli Goldsworthy

Olivia Scriven

Maya Matlin

Raymond Black

Sav Bhandari

Ricardo Hoyos

Zig Novak

Sam Earle

K.C. Guthrie

Samantha Munro

Anya MacPherson

Shanice Banton

Marisol Lewis

Shannon Kook-Chun

Zane Park

Spencer Van Wyck

Wesley Betenkamp