Season 10 – Teaser

A new school year brings big changes to the students of Degrassi. New rivals, new friends, love interests, a shift in the school’s hierarchy and physical threats, will shake up every relationship. Relevant and exciting, intense and fresh, Season 10 continues to explore envelope-pushing stories with a sense of humour and a lot of heart.



It’s back to school at Degrassi! Fiona returns from the Hamptons with her new boyfriend, Bobby— but is Bobby the perfect guy Fiona’s been searching for? Back at Degrassi, Holly J is surprised to learn that Sav is running against her for Student Council President. Meanwhile, Dave hatches a plan to get Alli and things backfire.

9. Wesley, Connor. 1002.

Fiona finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship with Bobby and struggles to find a way out. Holly J formulates an elaborate plan to discredit Sav’s presidential campaign. Meanwhile, Alli gets revenge against ‘Dave’s Girls of Degrassi’ page.

3. Holly J, Sav. 1003. (COVER)

A broken Fiona tries to return to life after Bobby—but is she able to find the support she needs? Anya contemplates coming clean after rumours of her “pregnancy” threaten Sav’s presidency. Meanwhile, Jenna gets the wrong idea about Clare’s laser eye surgery.

5. Declan. 1004 (FINAL COVER).

Holly J is determined to get into Yale and reunite with Declan—but how much is she willing to risk for her future? Anya and Sav search for a way to tell Degrassi the truth about their pregnancy ruse. Meanwhile, Clare finally sets Jenna straight about her alleged boob job.

5. Zane. 1005. (COVER)

Riley will do anything to secure QB1 on Degrassi’s football team—even deny his love for Zane. Determined to be popular, Alli tries to get in with the cheerleaders and auditions for Power Squad. Meanwhile, Jenna convinces K.C. to try out for the football team.

7. Drew. 1006. (COVER)

After Drew threatens to ‘out’ Riley, Riley is forced to take matters into his own hands—but will it cost him QB1? When Alli fails to secure a spot on Power Squad, she starts a rival dance troop and things take a wrong step. Meanwhile, Jenna discovers Marisol is not the only girl texting K.C.

4. Lisa, KC. 1007. (COVER)

K.C.’s mom is back in the picture and wants to regain custody of her son—but K.C. is not convinced she’s changed. Alli is determined to win over Drew and throws a house party to get his attention. Meanwhile, Eli encourages Clare to write about something personal in English class.

5. KC. 1008

K.C. refuses to move in with his mom and hatches a plan to remain in his group home. After their make out, Alli assumes her and Drew are dating—but could her assumptions be wrong? Meanwhile, Clare is forced to read her English assignment in front of the whole school.

9. Jenna. 1009.

Sav wins tickets to a concert out of town—but after his parents refuse to let him go, he works overtime to convince them. With her mom in New York and Holly J overscheduled, a lonely Fiona searches for something to fill the void. Meanwhile, Jenna’s Power Squad uniform doesn’t fit—is she gaining weight?

7. Adam, Eli. 1010. (COVER)

Sav hatches a plan to see the ‘Dead Hand’ concert behind his parents’ backs—but things take a major left turn. Fiona learns that a pet can’t replace a best friend. Meanwhile, Jenna suffers some humiliating side effects from her diet pills.

6. Holly J. 1011

A lonely Holly J can’t afford to visit Declan in New York and worries he might be seeing another girl. Fitz has it in for Eli, but Eli refuses to give into a bully. Meanwhile, Wesley, Connor and Dave start a band to impress the ladies.

7. Declan, Holly J. 1012

When Declan starts to bankroll Holly J, she’s forced to choose between her boyfriend and her independence. Eli’s revenge plot against Fitz turns into a full out war. Meanwhile, Dave’s tone deaf and bringing down the band—are the Three Tenors over?

6. Sav, Holly J. 1013

Alli goes to extreme lengths to label Drew her ‘boyfriend’—but is Drew ready to give Alli the ‘girlfriend’ title? Holly J tries to get over Declan and finds a welcomed distraction in planning a dance with Sav. Meanwhile, Connor meets a new girl while gamming online.

6. Drew. 1014.

It’s Degrassi’s Hoedown Dance! Drew regrets breaking up with Alli and desperately tries to win her back—but will Alli give him a second chance? Holly J tries to deny her romantic feelings for Sav. Meanwhile, Dave and Wesley convince Connor to meet his online crush in person.

4. Adam. 1015

Adam wants to be seen as just one of the guys —but when word gets out he’s female-to-male transgender, his life at Degrassi begins to change. Anya suspects her mom is hiding something, and all signs point to an affair. Meanwhile, Dave tries to befriend Ms. Oh in a quest to raise his grade.

5. Adam, Drew. 1016

When things worsen at Degrassi, a broken-down Adam contemplates returning to life as ‘Gracie’– but can he live a lie? Anya uncovers her mother’s big secret and it’s not what she expected. Meanwhile, Dave strikes up an unlikely friendship with Ms. Oh.

1. Anya, Riley. 1017.

Jenna is determined to ace ‘The Next Teen Star’ auditions—will she score a golden ticket? Connor feels misunderstood at Degrassi and reconnects with his online friend. Meanwhile, Anya and Riley find much needed comfort in each other.

5. Jenna, Alli. 1018

After Jenna learns she’s pregnant, she worries she’ll have to put the ‘Next Teen Star’ on hold— but is she ready to be a teen mom? Connor hatches a plan to meet his online crush behind Mr. Simpson’s back. Meanwhile, Anya and Riley both vie over Dr. Chris.

3. Eli. 1019 (COVER FINAL).

A closeted Riley will do anything to hide his sexuality from the football team—even throw Zane under the bus! Clare and Eli team up for a school project and sparks fly. Meanwhile, Wesley crushes hard on Anya and hatches a plan to win her heart.

5. Riley, Zane. 1020. (COVER FINAL)

Riley is determined win Zane back—but when Riley reacts violently to a homophobic Owen, Zane pulls further away. After Eli and Clare share a kiss, Eli goes AWOL and Clare tries to get to the bottom of things. Meanwhile, Wesley gets girl advice from Drew.

4. Fiona. 1021.

Fiona’s case against Bobby is going to trial—and she struggles to cope with the pressure. Riley performs a romantic gesture for Zane and accidently outs himself in the process. Meanwhile, Eli ditches Adam for Clare and tension runs high between the boys.

7. Mrs. Coyne, Fiona. 1022.

Faced with her legal deposition, an anxious Fiona self-medicates with champagne— but will it cost her the trail? An out Riley is recruited to play college football, but worries he’ll be the poster boy for gay athletes. Meanwhile, Adam’s friendship with Fitz goes sour and Eli and Clare come to Adam’s rescue.

7. Alli, Drew. 1023. (COVER)

After a stink bomb disrupts exams, a determined Holly J convinces Mr. Simpson not to cancel Degrassi’s ‘A Night In Vegas’ dance. Drew is tempted by a flirtatious Bianca– but what about Alli? Meanwhile, Eli and Fitz continue their feud and a concerned Clare will do whatever it takes to keep the peace.

7. Eli, Clare, Fitz. 1024

Degrassi reaches a boiling point at Vegas Night! Alli gets word of Drew’s infidelity and seeks revenge by hooking up with Owen in the boiler room. Clare tries to broker a peace settlement between Eli and Fitz—but when she fails, things take a violent turn. Meanwhile, Holly J and Sav are caught in a steamy moment.

8. Jenna. 1025.

The students return from spring break to a newly regimented Degrassi! Drew tries to win Alli’s forgiveness after hooking up with Bianca; and Alli faces a tarnished reputation after her boiler room fling with Owen. Meanwhile, ‘The Next Teen Star’ competition heats up and Jenna is determined to win—but how far is she willing to go?

9. Jenna, Matte Babel. 1026 (COVER2).

When Alli and Bianca are caught fighting, a suspended Alli finds herself in hot water with her parents. Meanwhile, Mrs. Guthrie extends a helping hand to a pregnant Jenna, but Jenna’s unsure about accepting her help.

7. Holly J, Fiona, Declan. 1027. (COVER)

It’s the Student Theatre Awards at Degrassi! Declan returns to Toronto determined to win back Holly J—but what about Sav? Clare is fed up with her parents’ fighting and takes refuge in her boyfriend, Eli. Meanwhile, Chantay tries to stop Mr. Simpson from shutting down Power Squad.

5. Declan, Holly J. 1028.

After spending the night together, Holly J feels Declan took things too far. Clare worries her parents will divorce and rebels in protest. Meanwhile, Chantay leads a full crusade against Mr. Simpson.

4. Clare. 1029

Clare is disillusioned by her parents’ separation and begins to question her beliefs. Drew is falling for Fiona and enlists the help of Adam to win her over. Meanwhile, Dave’s afraid he’ll be labelled a narc if word gets out that his dad’s the patrolling officer at Degrassi.

8. Clare, Eli. 1030.

When Eli rejects Clare, Clare suspects he’s not over his ex-girlfriend. Adam reveals to Drew he has feelings for Fiona and the boys face-off over Fiona’s heart. Meanwhile, Dave tries to prove to the guys that he’s not a narc.

7. Holly J, Jenna. 1031.

It’s the ‘Wish On A Star’ fundraiser at Degrassi! When K.C. fails the baby daddy test, Jenna turns to Sav for support—but what about Holly J? A homesick Fiona misses New York, so Adam hatches a plan to bring New York to Toronto. Meanwhile, Wesley asks Anya out and can’t contain his ‘excitement.’

2. Clare, Adam, Eli. 1032

When Sav tells Jenna he’s in love with Holly J, a heartbroken Jenna finds unexpected support in K.C. Adam’s New York soiree is a total hit, but is it enough to win Fiona? Meanwhile, Wesley goes on a date with Anya and something surprising ‘pops up.’

4. Fiona, Adam. 1033

It’s ‘Sweetheart Week’ at Degrassi! Things heat up between Adam and Fiona—but will Fiona’s drinking get in the way? Anya is thrilled to learn that her mother is cancer free, but worries she’ll have to say goodbye to Dr. Chris. Meanwhile, Dave sets his sights on Sadie, but will he come up short?

2. Dr. Chris, Anya. 1034.

Adam is desperate to prove that Fiona does not need alcohal to be with him. Anya is head over heels for Dr. Chris—but can she keep her age a secret? Meanwhile, Dave struggles to accept Sadie’s height.

3. Riley, Zane, Thomas. 1035.

After Vegas Night, Drew gets a bad reputation and can’t get a girl to save his life— but could he date Boiler Room Bianca? Allie makes a new friend at her all-girls school, and hopes she’ll be a positive influence. Meanwhile, Riley tries to fit into Zane’s world.

5. Bianca, Drew. 1036

Drew wants his friends to accept his new girlfriend, Bianca—but it’s proving harder than expected. When her friendship with Malika goes sour, Alli finds herself in hot water with her parents… yet again. Meanwhile, Riley is forced to come out to his mother—but is she ready to face the truth?

3. Fitz, Eli. 1037. (COVER)

When Sav hires Alli’s ex-boyfriend, Drew, to play drums on his university demo, tension runs high between the Bhandari siblings. A reformed Fitz is back at Degrassi and Eli is determined to keep him away from Clare. Meanwhile, Jenna and K.C. prep for their final prenatal class.

5. Clare, Eli. 1038. (COVER)

Alli hits rock bottom with her parents and decides the only solution is to run away from home. Clare is determined to keep Fitz at bay—but when Fitz reaches out to her for advice, Clare feels compelled to help. Meanwhile, Jenna and K.C. put their parenting skills to the test by babysitting for a ‘new-age’ mom.

8. Wesley, Dave. 1039.

Holly J is convinced she can do it all—but struggles to keep up with her busy schedule. The Bhandari’s continue to search for Alli, who’s hiding out with an unexpected person. Meanwhile, Wesley is determined to break a world record before his 16th birthday.

5. Holly J. 1040. (COVER)

Holly J is determined to ace her work-study, even if that means compromising her health. Alli must decide between going home and living on the streets. Meanwhile, Wesley pogos for his life in front of the whole school!

5. Holly J, Fiona, Mrs. Coyne. 1041.

Fiona is out of rehab and ready to take her abusive ex-boyfriend, Bobby, to trial—but will she get the justice she deserves? Alli is back at Degrassi and determined to turn over a new leaf. Meanwhile, Owen puts the moves on Anya and Anya is not having it!

9. Owen, Anya, Chantay. 1042.

Fiona returns to life after Bobby, and finds herself closer to Holly J than ever before– could she have feelings for her best-friend? Alli is determined to help Degrassi ace the standardized math test, even if that means tutoring her ex, Drew. Meanwhile, Anya gives Owen a second chance.

8. Eli. 1043.

Eli becomes obsessed over his relationship with Clare, and an overwhelmed Clare pulls away. Confronted with her own mortality, Holly J is forced to face the truth about her and Sav. Meanwhile, Jenna feels K.C. is not prepared for the baby’s arrival.

10. Drew, Bianca, KC, Jenna, Baby Tyson, Chantay. 1044

It’s the ‘Spring Fling’ semi-formal at Degrassi! Clare is slipping away and Eli is determined to do whatever it takes not to lose her.  Holly J finds out Fiona has feelings for her and tries to let her best-friend down gently. Meanwhile, Jenna goes into labour at the most inopportune time—will K.C. make it in time for the delivery?

Season 10 Cast

Agiris S10

Argiris Karras

Riley Stavros
Aislinn S10

Aislinn Paul

Clare Edwards

A.J. Saudin

Connor DeLaurier
Alicia S10

Alicia Josipovic

Bianca DeSousa
Annie S10

Annie Clark

Fiona Coyne
Charlotte S10

Charlotte Arnold

Holly J. Sinclair
Daniel S10

Daniel Kelly

Owen Milligan
Jahmil S10

Jahmil French

Dave Turner
Jajube S10

Jajube Mandiela

Chantay Black
James S10

James Edward Campbell

Mark Fitzgerald
Jessica S10

Jessica Tyler

Jenna Middleton
Jordan S10

Jordan Todosey

Adam Torres
Landon S10

Landon Liboiron

Declan Coyne
Luke S10

Luke Bilyk

Drew Torres
Melinda S10

Melinda Shankar

Alli Bhandari
Munro S10

Munro Chambers

Eli Goldsworthy
Ray S10

Raymond Ablack

Sav Bhandari
Sam S10

Sam Earle

K.C. Guthrie
Samantha S10

Samantha Munro

Anya MacPherson
Shannon S10

Shannon Kook-Chun

Zane Park
Spencer VW S10

Spencer Van Wyck

Wesley Betenkamp