Degrassi: Next Class Season 4

10 episodes - 2017

Welcome to Next Class Season 4

Season four of Degrassi: Next Class picks up with the students returning to school from their winter break, many for their final semester. Still reeling from the reality of Maya’s depression, Degrassi Community School is carefully monitoring everyone’s mental health and ensuring that all students have someone to talk to. While exploring situations teens commonly struggle with today, such as break-ups and make-ups, peer pressure and balancing academia with personal life, season four also continues to focus on the lives of the Syrian refugees as they try to find their place at Degrassi. The new season also marks the graduation of some of the series’ most beloved characters, but not before a beautiful yet dramatic prom.



After a much needed break, the students of Degrassi return rejuvenated.  Grace and Jonah are exhilarated keeping their romance a secret … Tristan returns and slowly starts back to normal … and everyone is happy to have Maya safely back with a new sense of purpose and herself.  Everyone, that is, except Esme who thinks Zig is way too sympathetic.  She is determined to keep her man and will do anything to hold onto him.


Frankie’s friends encourage her to post happier pics to her socials to win the break-up.  She really tries but when she sees Jonah and Grace out and in love, she sees red. And Shay has to get stronger and faster in order to get scouted.  But supplements are so expensive and her desperation forces her to do the unthinkable.  Saad is really struggling to settle in to his new life in Canada – he’s just not fitting in.  Wasn’t life supposed to be better after leaving Syria??


When Zoe teases Goldi about her flirting with Winston, she’s shocked.  Is she really? Does he think that too!!?  When he makes a bold move, she’s shocked.   Miles thought he knew where his future led but when Mr. Mitchell puts him forward for a spot at The London Academy of the Arts in their literary program, he jumps at it.  That is until he questions why… Yearbook photo time!!  The Vloggers get together and the shot looks great… except that Yael’s image reveals some unsightly hair. To photoshop or not to photoshop??

DNC_404_Goldi 2

Grace’s health is becoming more of a concern and she makes a bucket list… she and Jonah have a lot to talk about.  Goldi and Winston make up but she makes it clear that she’s not allowed to have a relationship or be alone with a boy that is not her intended husband. When they accidentally find themselves alone, it doesn’t go well at all.  The attack in Belgium triggers Maya’s anxiety and she continues to be blocked artistically. Tristan inspires her and Maya begins to see the light at the end of the creative tunnel.


Saad is really feeling out of place… and the Muslim Student Alliance isn’t helping.   He feels that no one will ever understand.  No matter what he does, it comes out badly.  Frankie is trying to find her place.  Hanging with Esme and Zig isn’t doing wonderful things for her reputation but she’s having fun. Her ‘friends’ can’t understand.  Rasha is feeling a tad guilty being all comfy and happy in Canada and she reconnects with her ex – who’s living in Belgium.  Zoe starts feeling a little (a lot) jealous.


Yael feels like some sort of identity overhaul is needed and turns to Lola for help – Hunter is not amused. Zig feels like he has no post-grad future and thinks Esme will judge him. Little does he know, Esme is more focused on having some extra special fun with him.  Maya auditions for Zoe, Goldi and special judge Craig Manning for the charity talent show.

DNC_407_Group 4

What starts out as a small grad camping getaway with Zig, Tiny, Jonah, Grace and Maya turns into a bigger ordeal when Frankie, Esme, Shay and Lola latch on. A troubled Maya struggles to write the song of the summer and turns to a familiar face for support. Shay finds herself questioning what will happen on her first night away with Tiny.

DNC_408_Tristan Miles 3

Tristan is determined to get better, but when he pushes himself too hard, he and others wonder if this turbo-mode recovery is a good idea.  Lola feels bad for the scrutiny that Saad is under, but when she wonders about his intentions, he is irate.  After seeing Rasha and Grace get “promposals” from Zoe and Jonah, Shay is hoping that Tiny will do the same.

DNC_409_Zig Maya 2

Esme loses it on Zig when prom doesn’t go exactly as she planned. When prom is delayed due to a code red emergency, Saad is under suspicion. Hunter questions his relationship with Yael. Miles has a heart-to-heart with his father about his future.


The gowns are on and the caps are about to be thrown – it’s another Degrassi graduation! Zoe and Rasha are all smiles but Zoe wonders if her mother will show up to watch her valedictory address. The aftermath of Esme’s breakdown plays out while the students receive their diplomas. Elsewhere, Yael, Lola and Frankie pay a special visit to a seemingly ex-communicated Saad.

Next Class Season 4 Cast


Amanda Arcuri

Lola Pacini

Amir Bageria

Baaz Nahir

Ana Golja

Zoe Rivas

Andre Kim

Winston Chu

Chelsea Clark

Esme Song

Dalia Yegavian

Rasha Zuabi

Dante Scott

Vijay Maraj

Eric Osborne

Miles Hollingsworth III

Ehren Kassam

Jonah Haak

Jamie Bloch

Yael Baron

Lyle Lettau

Tristan Milligan

Nikki Gould

Grace Cardinal

Olivia Scriven

Maya Matlin

Parham Rownaghi

Saad Al'Maliki

Reiya Downs

Shay Powers

Ricardo Hoyos

Zig Novak

Richard Walters

Deon 'Tiny' King

Sara Waisglass

Frankie Hollingsworth

Soma Bhatia

Goldi Nahir

Spencer Macpherson

Hunter Hollingsworth