Degrassi: Next Class Season 3

10 episodes - 2017

Welcome to Next Class Season 3

Season 3 of Degrassi: Next Class picks up immediately following season two’s cliffhanger finale – after the tragic bus crash which left us in shock. From unconventional love triangles to tackling serious subjects like abortion, to dealing with mental health issues and the introduction of Syrian refugees, season three of Degrassi: Next Class looks at many of the realities facing teens today. Degrassi opens its doors to an influx of Syrian refugees, but when some unexpected tensions arise, so do the student politics. Meanwhile, a post on Hastygram sparks a debate about social media etiquette and what is, or isn’t, appropriate to share publically..



After a bus with dozens of Degrassi students crashes, many are injured and one is left in a coma. Degrassi is giving a warm welcome to an influx of Syrian refugees, but when some unexpected tensions arise so do the student politics. Lola says she’s over Tiny but is posting of a #TBT photo of them out of line? The court of the 11th grade law class decides.


After an adventurous summer, Esme and Zig are still seeking some fun back at Degrassi. But is it possible that Esme’s idea of fun could be too much, even for Zig? An unmotivated Maya finds that dwelling on the dark side of life actually makes her feel more alive. The Gamers are determined to make their vlog a success, but when Yael is urged to “femme up” in order to attract the female demo she wonders how far she can stand to go.


Goldi finds camaraderie with a new Syrian student Rasha, but when their beliefs don’t match, Goldi questions what it really means to be Muslim. When Shay’s period makes an untimely visit she is mortified. After being mean-girled about it, she seeks revenge. Jonah and Grace pitch the student council on a play about the Degrassi bus accident. Is this just a case of artistic expression or could it be a dangerous trigger for the students?


Maya finds herself distracted by online “tragedy porn”. When she meets Saad, a refugee from Syria, they bond over their shared fascination with the dark side of life. Rasha kills her audition for the play but then realizes that the casting call was really for a male character. Should the role be hers anyway? And Frankie feels that Jonah is hiding something from her and is willing to go all the way to figure it out and make it right.


Shay, Lola and Frankie are at the Hollingsworth Mansion for girl’s night until Frankie invites Jonah and his posse over, seriously wrecking Lola’s friend time… that is, until one of the most unlikely guys gets up close and personal.  While mom is away, is it the perfect opportunity for Frankie to show Jonah that she’s ready for a more intimate relationship?  And will Shay’s insecurities put her and Tiny’s relationship in jeopardy?  Meanwhile upstairs, the gamer boys hold a competition to determine who the ‘bigger man’ really is.

DNC306_Lola, Frankie and Shay 2

Miles and Lola continue to work on the play and are on an emotional rollercoaster.  Can Miles deny the energy between them and still be Tristan’s boyfriend?  Zoe and Rasha also have energy but Zoe doesn’t know for sure if Rasha is gay.  She creeps her social, tries sneaky questions and finally discovers the truth.  Frankie is driving herself crazy over Jonah.  She loves him but she’s losing herself and makes a tough decision.


As Grace’s CF worsens, she has to make a decision about her health and her future.  When she really needs a friend, Maya’s MIA.  But who’s there?  Jonah.  Zoe and Rasha are so giddy figuring out next steps with their relationship but nothing seems to be going their way.  Determined to make this work, they may have to continue in secret.  When Hunter gets aroused by Lola, he feels like he’s cheated on Yael.   He goes to great lengths to keep it from her but she’s too smart.  He soon realizes that the truth from the start would have been the best plan.


When Lola finds herself in a serious bind, Shay and Frankie are not supportive at all.  She tries to enlist Miles’ help but he’s keeping his distance.  And just when she needs someone the most… Yael comes to Lola’s aid.  Maya’s obsession with death is getting out of control.  When she is given an ultimatum, she tries to re-join her life but it’s not welcoming her back. Tristan is improving and his big goal is to see the play.  But while Miles wants Tristan back, he’s concerned that the play will reveal his indiscretion and he’ll be found out.


Frankie and Jonah are still on a break.  But when Frankie tries to mend her brother’s relationship as a test of her own, it threatens to rip her and Jonah apart.  Zoe is excited to bring Rasha to her mom’s wedding and show the world who she is and who she loves.  But Ms. Rivas forbids Zoe from inviting her and denies who Zoe really is.  Maya is diagnosed with depression and just can’t deal.  She is so unhappy and frustrated and hating everything.  She’s got a plan… and it’s not a good one.


Maya appears to be happier… but appearances can be deceiving.  She’s definitely displaying warning signs but no one is picking up on them.  That is, until Zig and Esme find her on the roof.   Opening night and the play receives rave reviews.  Everyone loves it but Tristan clearly senses the Lola and Miles connection.  Now Miles is forced to decide who he really wants to be with.  Zoe and Rasha are both miserable, post break-up.  Rasha thought being in Canada would be a new start for being out and proud and happy.  Ultimately, it’s an unlikely ally who comes to the couple’s rescue.

Next Class Season 3 Cast


Amanda Arcuri

Lola Pacini

Amir Bageria

Baaz Nahir

Ana Golja

Zoe Rivas

Andre Kim

Winston Chu

Chelsea Clark

Esme Song

Dalia Yegavian

Rasha Zuabi

Dante Scott

Vijay Maraj

Eric Osborne

Miles Hollingsworth III

Ehren Kassam

Jonah Haak

Jamie Bloch

Yael Baron

Lyle Lettau

Tristan Milligan

Nikki Gould

Grace Cardinal

Olivia Scriven

Maya Matlin

Parham Rownaghi

Saad Al'Maliki

Reiya Downs

Shay Powers

Ricardo Hoyos

Zig Novak

Richard Walters

Deon 'Tiny' King

Sara Waisglass

Frankie Hollingsworth

Soma Bhatia

Goldi Nahir

Spencer Macpherson

Hunter Hollingsworth