Behind The Scenes – Season 13

Get an inside look behind-the-scenes of Degrassi season 13!

Go on set of you favourite Degrassi episodes and see how Epitome Pictures recreated a hurricane in Thunderstruck episodes (1329/1340); also, get the inside scoop on Degrassi Webisode “Dress You Up.”

Meet new cast members Niamh Wilson, Nikki Gould, Spencer Macpherson and Sara Waisglass and get the low down on their characters; plus join the Degrassi cast and die hard fans at the Degrassi Parking Lot Finale Screening at MTV in Toronto.

Don’t miss these videos and so much more exclusive content from Degrassi season 13!

Degrassi Season 13 Sizzle Reel

Get a sneak peek into Degrassi season 13!

Degrassi Countdown: Today!

Munro Chambers can’t contain his excitement for the Degrassi Season 13 premiere!

Season 13 Parking Lot Party – Behind the Scenes

Check out the behind the scenes video of our Degrassi Season 13 Parking Lot Premiere Party!!

Meet Ana Golja

Meet Degrassi’s Ana Golja who plays Zoe Rivas! Ana talks about joining the cast of one of her favourite shows, what it’s like to play a diva and how she’s not like Zoe at all in real life!

Meet Eric Osborne

Meet Degrassi Season 13 newcomer Eric Osborne, who plays Miles Hollingsworth. Eric talks what its like to play a rich kid, getting his own mansion and sharing his first on screen kiss with Lyle!

Meet Andre Kim

Meet Degrassi’s Andre Kim, who plays Winston Chu! Hear all about how he fought to get on the show!

Fefe Dobson on the set of Degrassi

Abby catches up with Special Guest Star Fefe Dobson on the set of Degrassi Season 13!

Degrassi Music

Abby chats with Degrassi’s Music Supervisor Jeremy von Hollen! We talk about his favorite bands and how the music is selected for the show!

Paris in Toronto

Watch how the Degrassi set is transformed into a Parisian neighbourhood. Featuring interviews with Lyle Lettau and Olivia Scriven!

Aislinn Gets Her Hair Cut

Go behind the scenes with Degrassi’s Aislinn Paul as she gets her haircut in preparation for her Season 13 storyline!

French Lessons with Alex Harrouch

French Lessons with Alex Harrouch.

Talk in the Middle of the Street – with Lyle Lettau

Lyle Lettau talks with new Degrassians Ana Golja, Eric Osborne and Andre Kim about Season 13!

The Cast Lounge: Munro and Demetrius on Bromance

Long time friends and castmates, Munro and Demetrius, talk about Bromancing off camera!

The Cast Lounge: Lyle Watching Bad Girls Club

Lyle Lettau explains the latest fight on ‘Bad Girls Club’ as his castmates look on in amazement…

Eli’s Video for Adam Torres

Let’s remember and celebrate Adam Torres. We will miss you.

Remembering Adam Torres

The Degrassi Cast recounts losing one of series most iconic characters, working with Jordan Todosey and the message Adam’s death leaves behind.

Munro: If I wasn’t an Actor…

Munro Chambers tells us what he would be doing if he wasn’t an actor!

Cristine and Ana on Back to School Trends

Cristine and Ana talk Back to School trends!

Meet Sara Waisglass

Meet Sara Waisglass, Miles’ little sister Frankie Hollingsworth. Sara talks about playing Frankie, her personal style and what it’s like to be a part of one of her favourite shows!

It was all a dream…

Want to know about what Ricardo dreams about on his lunch breaks? Look no further…

Hangout with Degrassi’s Sarah Fisher

Hangout with Degrassi’s Sarah Fisher as she talks everything Degrassi and takes questions from fans!

Meet Nikki Gould

Meet Nikki Gould, who plays Grace! Nikki talks about filming her first scene, her love for music and her unique housemates!

How to make the perfect Instagram Video

The Degrassi cast shows us how to make the perfect Instagram Video!

It’s a NUDE Day for Luke Bilyk

It’s #DegrassiNudeDay for Luke Bilyk!

Degrassi Recess: Musical Chairs

The Degrassi cast plays the ultimate game of Musical Chairs on an all new #DegrassiRecess!

Jessica, AJ and Cristine on Dating

Jessica Tyler, AJ Saudin and Cristine Prosperi discuss dating…well kinda.

Ana Golja: What’s in your Purse?

Ana Golja gives us a peak into her purse!

Meet Spencer Macpherson

Meet Spencer Macpherson who plays Hunter, Miles’ little brother and Frankie’s twin! Spencer talks about the role, his first day on set and who his favourite actor to work with is!

Charlotte, Annie & Chloe Visit – Part 1

Part 1 – Chloe catches up with Charlotte and Annie when they return to the Degrassi set for a visit, having graduated as cast members! The girls talk about what they’ve been up to since Degrassi!

Charlotte, Annie & Chloe Visit – Part 2

Part 2 – Chloe catches up with Charlotte and Annie when they return to the Degrassi set for a visit, having graduated as cast members! The girls talk about what they’ve been up to since Degrassi!

The Inside Look: Unbelievable

Go behind the scenes of the one-hour episode “Unbelievable” – featuring interviews with Ana Golja, Sarah Fisher, Eric Osborne, Craig Arnold and Aislinn Paul!

Meet Niamh Wilson

Meet Niamh Wilson who plays Jack! Niamh talks about her new role, how she feels about Jack and Imogen, and her love for music and dance!

Ricardo Hoyos spoils this season of Degrassi!

Ricardo Hoyos spoils new plot details from Degrassi Season 13!

Adamo Visits Degrassi

Degrassi alum Adamo Ruggiero visits the hallways of Degrassi and shares some of his favourite memories on the show as Marco Del Rossi!

The Cast Lounge: Favourite Dance Moves

The Degrassi cast shares some of their go-to dance moves!

Aislinn Paul spoils this season of Degrassi!

Aislinn Paul dishes on new plot details from season 13!

Practice Makes Perfect

Aislinn Paul shows us that practice (eventually) makes perfect while learning to throw an axe!

Imogen’s “Unique” Fashion Show – Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of Imogen’s fashion show. Featuring interviews with Sarah Fisher and Niamh Wilson!

Abby visits Ana’s Dressing Room

We catch up with Ana Golja, plus a surprise visit from another cast member!

Degrassi Fan Video Reel

We asked Degrassi fans to send us video clips about why they love the show! Thanks for all your messages!

Degrassi 13: Blooper Reel

Enjoy some of the behind the scenes hilarity from season 13!

Season 13 Finale Party – Behind the Scenes

**SPOILER ALERT** Go behind the scenes at the Degrassi Season 13 Finale Party!

Readthrough: Degrassi cast discover the finale’s big surprise!

Watch as the cast of Degrassi read through the final few pages of “Thunderstruck, Part 2″ for the very first time!

The Eye of the Storm: Creating ‘Thunderstruck’

Go behind the scenes of Degrassi’s stormy season finale, ‘Thunderstruck.’ Featuring interviews with Ana Golja, Olivia Scriven, Lyle Lettau, Eric Osborne and Stefan Brogren!