Behind The Scenes – Season 11

Get an inside look behind-the-scenes of Degrassi season 11!

Join the cast on the set of your favourite episodes, including Degrassi’s dramatic prom night in Dead and Gone (Part 2) and the big Frostival finale in In the Cold Cold Night (Part 2) — PLUS watch how a Degrassi episode comes together from rehearsal to shooting.

Get ready to say a teary goodbye to Degrassi’s 2011 graduating class, in behind-the-scenes interviews with Argiris Karras, Charlotte Arnold, Jajube Mandiela, Raymond Ablack, Samantha Munro, and Shannon Kook-Chun.

But don’t fret! You’ll also get the chance to say hello to new cast members Chole Rose, Cristine Prosperi, Justin Kelly as well as Degrassi’s newest grade niners—AND get the inside scoop on their first days on set. Set tours, bloopers and lots of on-set shenanigans—the list goes on and on.

Check out these videos and so much more exclusive content from Degrassi season 11!

Degrassi Gallery Photoshoot – Behind the Scenes

See all the fun that goes on behind the scenes of the season 11 gallery photoshoot!

Meet The New Kids – Behind the Scenes S11

Get the exclusive on Degrassi’s new season 11 cast members Chloe Rose, Cristine Prosperi and Justin Kelly—including an inside look at their first days on set!

Parking Lot Tour – Behind the Scenes

Justin, Munro and Jahmil introduce you to the Degrassi parking lot! Justin shows off Jake’s truck and Munro sheds a few tears over his lost hearse Morty.

Set Tour with Aislinn & Munro – Behind the Scenes

Get the inside look at where we film Degrassi! Aislinn and Munro give you an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Degrassi sets—plus Munro may even try Eli’s famous ‘benchslide’ in the backlot!

Munro wants a dance off with Justin – Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of Degrassi as Munro tells us all about Justin’s killer dance moves!

Goodbyes – Behind the Scenes

It’s always sad to say goodbye to our amazing actors as their characters graduate! Get the inside look at Argiris, Charlotte, Jajube, Ray, Samantha, and Shannon’s last days on set.

Degrassi Bloopers – Season 11A

Join the hilarity on set with Degrassi bloopers!

From Rehearsal to Shooting – Behind the Scenes

Watch the cast rehearsal for the big prom scene from episode 1129 with Director Stefan Brogren, and see how a Degrassi episode comes together!

Bugs & Harry Potter – Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of Degrassi’s ‘Nowhere To Run’ special! The cast discusses their fear of bugs and their sorrow over missing the latest Harry Potter film.

The Niners – Behind the Scenes

Meet the new grade 9 students! Get the exclusive introduction to Alex, Lyle, Olivia and Ricardo and go behind the scenes of their first days on the Degrassi set.

On Location with AJ – Behind the Scenes

Follow AJ filming on location for the big football game in “Not Ready To Make Nice!

Jahmil vs. Melinda – Behind the Scenes

It’s the ultimate Degrassi showdown as Melinda and Jahmil go head-to-head in rock-paper-scissors, a high jump competition, a Nerf war and so much more. See who comes out on top!

Frostival – Behind the Scenes

It’s a Degrassi-style carnival—a ferris wheel, games and romance! Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at Degrassi’s big Frostival finale.

AJ Saudin as Dora The Explorer – Behind the Scenes

Get the behind the scenes look of AJ Saudin, Jessica Tyler and Sam Earle having a blast on set!

Finale Reactions at MuchMusic – Season 11

Check out Degrassi fans watching the season 11 finale at MuchMusic—and absolutely losing their minds!

Degrassi Bloopers – Season 11B

Join the hilarity on set with Degrassi season 11 bloopers!